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Apply For Gm/Event Manger / Admin Or Dev u Pick :D

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In-game name:I Am Sure It's Gonna Be Rachel...


Contact:i have no E-Mail But u can contact me on my Brother E-Mail Cus he in Camp

Location: About Location I Am French But I Live In Spain x)

How much time are you online?:1-15 Hours

What is your time zone?:+1GMT

Why should we hire you?: im Trustfully , im Friendly , i have Experience And i Can Be Online Much Time Almost Always

Previous experience: i was Gm on Dark Gunz for 2 Weeks i was Gm on Evil Gunz for 1 Week And i was Event Manger on DreamGunz , MocroGunz And Im Admin On Dignity Gunz Server Gonna Make Soon And I Was Co-Owner On Nexus Gunz When it Hosted But The Owner Wasn't Cool And The Server Have No Players And I Was AmpzGunz Dev And AorGunz Coder So I Have Experince ....

Anything else: Im Friendly People Like Me And I Am Sure That From First Time U Gonna Meet Me U'll Like Me , I Love Help People And My Hopy For Now Is Help The New Servers

Good luck! And Good Luck With Ur Server And I Hope It Be Great Server And Lovely

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^ Everything after Why should we hire u is all liez GG

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name: sasuke
last name uchiha
applying for getting dennying for gm
i can be online for like uhmm lemme count
monday 8 till 12
tuesdayy 3 till 12.
wednesday 8 till 12
thursday 6 till 12
friday 6 till 12
saterday 8 till 12
sunday more then 16 ouers :O

yeaaaa if i was a freak i could be online this muuch :'(

but i also train and eat and take shower soo let sayy
pff dont worry be happy i dont wanna be admin..
just wanna have fun.. ^_^ i cant waith for pikachu gun :O

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In-game name:If some1 takes Grimmjow im gonna beat my wife. So think about her.


Contact: Add ME

Location:America Pittsburgh PA YAY WOO GO STEELERS

How much time are you online?: uuh Above Average due to my lack of job and not going to school.

What is your time zone?:Eastern

Why should we hire you?: I have absolutely no experience in being a gm But... everybody likes me? Very Happy ill just follow wat PR does.

Previous experience: uuh i was uhh.. admin in some good clans RANK 10GG.

Anything else: I know some spanish Very Happy Yo quiero la pizza

No me gusta shin

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Name: nate
In-game name: shadowstyler,sakurasasuke,mangekyou,
Contact: i know luis. i know rose i know ailius
How much time are you online?: alot.,
What is your time zone?:Eastern
Why should we hire you?: im mostly active.
i can handle the situation fast. and make people laugh and enjoy the game. (oh btw soon im gonne donate some cash >.> )
Anything else: my only advice think twice.
my way of playing. =
respect loyalty nice and very helpfull.

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Name: Samuel

In-game name: I'm hoping on Kimashi. If that's taken, then I suppose I'll go with Ochiru. :3


Contact: Feel free to add me. Very Happy

Location: U.S. Orlando, Florida.

How much time are you online?: I'd estimate about 6-9 hours a day since I have to wait til January to start University, and I'm currently jobless. :S

What is your time zone?: Eastern

Why should we hire you?: I have no experience in being a GM, but I think I have the qualities for one. I know English, Spanish, and Portuguese, I enjoy helping people, and I love to socialize, so I believe I'm approachable. ^_~

Previous experience: No previous experiences in GM status. I've been playing Gunz (ijji) for about 2-3 years now, and I know K-style, M-style, and Glad Style. I probably know some other stuff too, just don't recall their names. xD

Anything else?: I'm friendly (No matter what Grimmjow says!) and I'm up to learning new languages! Also, helping others is my #1 priority. <3

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